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Rates & Policies


Technical Support Rates
On-site service….......... $80.00/hr.
Remote Assistance....... $60.00/hr.
Training/Tutoring......... $45.00/hr.

Minimum Service Fee
For all on-site and remote support calls taking up to
30 minutes....................$45.00.
Standard rates apply after 30 minutes

Mileage and Travel Fee
We charge .50/mile mileage for all onsite service deliveries.
On-site service calls beyond 25 miles from Duarte are subject
to a flat Travel Fee of $45.00, in addition to mileage. 

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PC, Data and Network Security for Small Business
(Pricing for these monthly or annually recurring services are all-inclusive)

  • PC Guru’s Secure Client Network…........... *$2.99/month, billed monthly. *Other bundles may include this feature at no extra charge.
  • PC Guru’s DataSecure (Backup and Restore)…….. $9.95/month + $1.25 per GB, billed monthly. *Unlimited data plan available for $39.95/month, billed monthly.
  • PC Guru Anti-Spam....................... $1.99 per mailbox/month, billed annually (call for free setup).


Support Policy:
Macs, Apple Devices, and Smart Phones

PC Guru supports Microsoft products, and hardware and software designed to run on the Windows platform. We do not officially support Macs, iTunes, the iPhone, iPad, or other "Smart Phones" (Android, Blackberry, etc.)

  • Apple products are officially supported by Apple Care and the Apple Stores.
  • Related Apple software is frequently very expensive and time consuming to support and troubleshoot under Windows. Apple software (including iTunes and iCloud) can itself cause issues in Windows.
  • PC Guru may, at our discretion, assist clients with the initial setup and/or data files transfer from a PC to a new Mac, and is billed at our regular rate.

    No other Apple or Smart Device support can be provided by PC Guru.

$6/month, billed annually.
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Complete Office Protection-

$399/month, billed monthly.
Includes 1 server & up to 5 workstations
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