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PC Guru Technology Solutions

Your Personal Computer Guru!     How can we help you today?  We are computer repair and small business IT experts serving the greater San Gabriel Valley.  We can fi

Contact Info

Contact Information

How to Reach Us Phone-(626) 593-7055Fax-(208) 475-7264 // Mailing & Shipping Address-PC GuruP.O. Box 77Duarte, CA 91009-0077 Speak to Us! // Got a question or comment? E-mail us!'); //

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About Us

About PC Guru

  Our Mission: Ensure that technology is an asset to our client's business.  PC Guru is a trusted IT provider offering a range of computer repair and managed IT services for sm


Our Services

   PC Guru serves both individuals and businesses. Our mission is to ensure that technology is an asset to your business, rather than a problem. Proactive support for your busines

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Files & Downloads

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Desktop Security

Secure Networks, Desktops, and Servers

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your business' information (and future) is always safe, begins with PC Guru's advanced, yet transparent Secure Client Network; the foundatio

Security Suite

CloudSecure... Internet Threat Deterrent

      Experience the freedom and peace of mind you’ll get from protecting your computers with PC Guru’s CloudSecure with Anti-virus. PC Guru’s secure softwar


Business Continuity

  What is "Business Continuity"?What would happen if your business experienced a crash or other form of disaster? Do you have a backup plan and process in place to prevent data loss? How

Advanced Security Suite


All-in-one protection for the entire officere As a small business owner, you just want your technology to work. Proactive Support to Prevent Problems: We start protecting your office from day one, be

Data Continuity (Backup & Recover)

Data Continuity (Backup & Restore)

Professional, affordable, cloud-based disaster recovery, for the ultimate peace of mind.Data loss affects every aspect of your business. Trusting your important information to chance without a proper

HelpDesk & Support Services

HelpDesk & Support Services

Our HelpDesk provides three different options to serve you best: Live, remote interaction with a Guru. Self-service Web-Portal. Scheduled on-site Guru visit.  *All services deliv

Complete Care Managed IT

Managed IT and Cloud Services Explained

  Q: What is "Managed IT"? A: Managed IT (sometimes referred to as "Managed Services") is the practice and implementation of reducing monthly IT costs and overhead by bundling a

Info & Policies

Rates & Policies

  Technical Support RatesOn-site service….......... $80.00/hr.Remote Assistance....... $60.00/hr.Training/Tutoring......... $45.00/hr. Minimum Service FeeFor all on-site and remote sup

Ways to Get Help

Ways to Get Help...

Computer support is typically a specialized and expensive service. PC Guru makes it affordable without sacrificing quality!We currently offer a choice of several different paths you may take

E-mail Us Your Help Request

E-mail Help

As another option to contact us for help, we offer truly fast e-mail responses to your help & support requests! We thank you for contacting PC Guru. Please complete the form below and ou

Pre-purchased Support Bundles

Pre-paid Advantage Support

  The fastest way to get help and put the most savings in your pocket! Pre-purchase a block of support hours at significant discount for yourself or your business. Use your pre-pa

2013 Business Hours and Holiday Schedule

2013 Business Hours and Holiday Schedule

  PC Guru Hours of Operation Mon-Fri                      9am – 5pmSaturdays &n



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